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There are many like it, but THIS BLUE FALCON is yours.

It is your best friend. It is your life.

You must master it as you must master your life.



The Crim makes with the Voice & Keys

The Wolf makes with the Voice & Beats

The Space makes with the Deep & Mud

The Lamb makes with the Strings & Beard



After having the fairly abstruse description above of who/what TBF is for the longest time & even though there's a thick vein of hatred pumping in our dojo for anything associated with self-aggrandizing, how's about we throw in a smidgen of our actual history like a real live band would?


This Blue Falcon is a group of dudes from NY making music we like because we like it,

featuring former members of:

CoMExperiment, Inferior Sound, The Church of Manlove, Serpico, DC and The Change, Monty Love, The Inflatable Men, Miracle Man, The Charade, Fictura, Contempt, Paul and The Tall Trees, Pablo, Miracle Man, Big Waterdogs, Sangwich, Super Duty Tough Work, Afterlife, 10 to 12 and Oom Shala My Nine - just to name a few.


That'll do for now. More to come in the future, maybe?